Microneedling 101: Everything you need to know

Microneedling, although it may sound daunting (it isn’t), it is way more fun and rewarding than you think. So what exactly is microneedling? It is the insertion of 100s of needles into the skin surface which can dramatically improve skin appearance and texture. 

We all subject our skin to different stressors from alcohol and sun damage to pollution. These all contribute to collagen depletion, wrinkles and pigmentation. Microneedling is a sure-fire way to help regain that youthful appearance, as it simultaneously maximises penetration of essential nutrients and encourages growth and rejuvenation. 

Microneedling encourages the skin healing process, stimulating the development of new healthy skin cells to even skin tone and texture. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production, the two vital proteins for skin plumpness and firmness.

A key benefit of at-home derma rolling is that it amplifies absorption of your topical beauty products by up to 3x. Making your products work harder, and deliver results quicker. We recommend applying hyaluronic acid after micro-needling to achieve optimum skin hydration and get that instant glow-up. 


Does it hurt? A concern that we often hear. We can safely say, that microneedling at-home does not hurt depending on the needle size you use. We recommend at-home microneedling needles sizes of 0.3mm and 0.5mm, if you are new to microneedling you may feel a prickling sensation at first as you ease into your routine. For any needle sizes larger than 0.5mm, we recommend seeing your dermatologist.

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