Skincare Travel Essentials

Whether you are jetting off somewhere hot or discovering one of the many beauty spots in the UK - travelling does take its toll on the skin, think recycled plane air, hot and sticky face masks and overexposure to the sun. To help protect, calm and repair the skin, we have listed our top travel-friendly tools to indulge in a spa experience wherever you are going on holiday this summer.

1. Eye + Face Masks

Counteract the effects of in-flight travel and hydrate with our Glow Young Eye and Face Masks. Designed to lock in moisture and brighten skin with a powerful combination of gold, collagen and seaweed.

2. Pore Purity

Slips into your makeup bag, this discrete 3-in-1 tool delivers spa-quality treatment from wherever you are. Exfoliation mode for a deeper clean, gently removing dirt, sweat and grime from pores. EMS mode to lift and firm facial muscles. Nutrition mode to enhance product absorption to ensure every skin cell is nourished and hydrated.

3. faceLITE LED Mask

This device packs flat in your suitcase, all you need to do is switch it on and relax from the comfort of your hotel bed for 10 minutes. The clinically proven red and near infra-red light therapy help reduce the appearance of sunspots, even skin tone and leave an incredible glow. The perfect counterbalance from over-indulging in the sun each day. 

4. Facial Rollers

Odd hours of travelling, whether that be hitting the road early to beat the traffic or catching that 6am flight can play havoc with your skin. Facial rollers are a great way to give your skin a boost, increasing blood circulation to deliver vital nutrients and drain away excess fluids (no one wants that bloated puffer fish look). Top tip - apply a moisturiser or oil (with clean hands!) pre-rolling to help amplify the absorption of your skincare products – your skin will thank you!

Pop your facial roller in the hotel fridge first for a cooling massage. Perfect after a long hot day in the sun.

p.s. our Skin Abode drawstring kit bags double up as great luggage organisers. We love to use them to keep our bikinis and delicates separate. Get a free canvas bag today when you purchase 2+ products.




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