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Our mission to elevate every women's skin game

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Our Story

Skin Abode was born out of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, when Olivia and Francesca, two sisters from London, were forced to reinvent their skincare regimes.

With our regular salon and spa slots wiped from the diary and heaps of time home alone, we set ourselves a challenge to recreate the same experiences, with the same results.

Did you know? On average, in the UK, we each spend over £1,200 a year on just facial care. 

We invested in every type of skin tool on the market, 24 of them to be precise. From jade rollers to LED masks. You name it. We quickly realised the choice was mind boggling; the lack of guidance was frightening; and the prices were excessive.

With our passion for beauty and experience in technology, we set up Skin Abode. Providing you the most affordable, effective and easy to master skin tools to elevate your skin game.

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Our mission

To us, it's not just about providing you with good quality tools. To really brighten, tighten and tone you need to know how and when to use them.

Therefore, we have curated a wealth of facial workout videos specific to different skin concerns.  

Every tool comes with instant access to our step by step video guides, making them easy to master and achieve the results you desire in no time. Just simply scan your product to follow along.

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