Empowering Women

At Skin Abode our mission is to elevate your skin game, as one component of empowering women across many aspects of life.


This year we will support SAFEHANDS an NGO, focused on empowering and transforming the lives of women, to make healthy and informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproduction health and rights.

 Around the world, the weight of child rearing falls squarely on the backs of women. From carrying the pregnancy and the risks of childbirth to caring the for the child’s health and wellbeing in life, women are responsible for ensuring that children have proper nutrition, healthcare, and education.  We met this mother and baby in 2013   Amhara, Ethiopia 2013, Featured in the film Making Pregnancy Safer,: Safe Delivery 2013

Worldwide, 232 million women still cannot access the contraception they want and need, 830 women die every day due to preventable complications from pregnancy and childbirth and 200 million women are living with the effects of female genital mutilation (FGM).

 A mother receives her newborn baby after giving birth in 2006.   Awassa, SNNPRS, Ethiopia 2006, Featured in the film The Big Push, making pregnancy safer, Ethiopia 2008

Through the power of the visual, SAFEHANDS aims to educate and inspire those living in marginalized communities in Africa and beyond, about their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and empower them with fundamental life-saving information and services.


In order to help fund their latest programmes, we are donating 10% profit on every single order to SAFEHANDS.

"We are delighted to be supported by Skin Abode. Their creative products, energise your skin and enhance your wellbeing. By supporting Skin Abode you are helping SAFEHANDS in its vital work”   Nancy Durrell McKenna, Founder Director.


To find out more about SAFEHANDS and their latest work, visit: www.safehands.org

 All photos credited: Nancy Durrell McKenna / SAFEHANDS


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