How to use Super Sculpt

Hello Beautiful! It's time de-puff and glow with Super Sculpt, the gua shas or all gua shas.

Here we have our simple Step by Step Guide on how to make Super Sculpt work for you. 


Step 1:
Cleanse your skin thoroughly before use and pat the face dry. 

Step 2:

Apply your favourite facial oil or alternative massage medium to enable Super Sculpt to glide over the skin. 

Start with one side of the face. Once you have completed 3-5 strokes per area on one half the face, move onto the other side and repeat the same actions. 

Step 3: Neck

Glide the Super Sculpt upwards along the side of the neck towards the jawline. This helps stimulate blood flow to the face. 

Step 4: Jawline

Place the Super Sculpt flat against the base of the chin, and move in outward motion along the jawline to the ear. 

Using one of the smaller curves of the Super Sculpt move in outwards strokes from the centre of the chin along the jawline to the ear.

Step 5: Cheeks

Using the double curved edge of the gua sha, move in outwards strokes from side of the nose to the ear.  

*Tip* Use the serrated edge to target the nasolabial lines around the mouth. Hold the gua sha perpendicular angle to the skin and move the serrated edge back and forth across the lines. This plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 6: Forehead

Using the short flat edge of the gua sha, target the frown muscles at the base of the forehead. Glide from the centre of the forehead across the top of the brow bone to the hairline. 

Glide the serrated edge of the Super Sculpt in upward motions from the base of the forehead. 

Step 6: Neck

Last step, finish using the long flat edge of the Super Sculpt by gliding down the side of the neck from the ear to the shoulder. This helps to encourage lymphatic drainage. 

*Important* Top Tips

  • Always apply facial oil before using Super Sculpt, it should glide over the skin, never drag. 
  • Keep Super Sculpt as flat to the skin as possible, one finger width between the tool and skin is perfect.
  • Use a light pressure and always use a pulling motion, never push against your skin.
  • Do not use Super Sculpt over broken skin.
  • All our face shapes are different, so find which edges of Super Sculpt feel good to you.

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