Benefits of Facial Steaming

Want a device that helps amplify product absorption, loosens up the dirt and grime trapped in your pores, all while boosting moisture and circulation? *screams, YES PLEASE*. Look no further than Hydra, our nano-ionic steamer. Facial steaming is not a new skincare practice, it has been around the donkey's years and has numerous benefits...

1. Amplifies product absorption
The heat helps loosen debris and dead skin cells, making them much easier to remove. Removing these pesky barriers allows your skincare products to absorb even deeper, increasing their potency. 

2. Removes toxins
As we warm up the skin, toxins are released due to the heat (similar to how toxins are released when we sweat). 

3. Loosens blackheads 
Who’s nose is collecting blackheads like they are going out of fashion? Steaming helps decongest the skin, softening up oil deposits and grime in pores, making them easier to remove. Facial steaming helps towards avoiding breakouts triggered by accumulated dirt. 

4. Youthful glow 
Facial steaming warms the skin and in turn stimulates blood circulation, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. Resulting in an instant glow, simple yet effective especially as our circulation gets a little sluggish as we move into our 30s and beyond. 

Bring the spa experience to your home bathroom, with Hydra. It emits nano-ionic steam that penetrates 10x deeper than regular steam.  These tiny lightweight particles effortlessly diffuse into the skin for natural hydration. We recommend steaming for no more than 10/15 minutes 2-3 times a week, for optimum results.


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